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   Solarize the Kenai is a volunteer-led campaign of community members and organizations who
are working to make it easier and more affordable to go solar in the central Kenai Peninsula.
Solarize is a way of pooling our community’s buying power to make purchasing solar cheaper
and more convenient for home-owners, businesses, community centers, churches, and
other local building owners.

   It’s based on a model that community groups in the Lower 48 have successfully used since
2009. In Alaska, Solarize Anchorage is in its third year, and Solarize Fairbanks in its first.
Solarize Anchorage’s campaigns have cut the up-front cost of solar by about 10 percent.
In the Solarize model, groups of home and business owners pool their buying power by inviting
solar installers to bid for the job of serving all of them in one season. For the installer, filling out
their schedule with a known group of customers lowers their logistics and marketing costs,
letting them offer services for less. And because the installers are competing against one
another for the pool of customers, they're incentivized to offer even more of a discount.
The more people in the group requesting bids, the more attractive it will be to installers,
therefore the greater the likely discount. So talk to your neighbors about going solar!

   This year a federal income tax credit will pay back 26 percent of your solar installation cost.

   If you’ve been thinking tentatively about installing solar, 2021 is an opportune time to
take the leap, and we hope to help you.

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